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Following Preprints on medRxiv

medRxiv  |  2023-07-25

One of medRxiv’s goals is to alert readers when new preprints that might interest them are posted. Signing up for personalized alerts on the medRxiv Alerts/RSS page (see figure below) allows you to get notifications when new preprints that interest you are posted.

But an individual preprint can be revised, commented on, and peer-reviewed, and a version can eventually be published in a journal. To help you keep track, medRxiv is adding a new feature called Follow a Preprint which notifies you when any of these events occur.

To sign up, simply click on the 'Follow this preprint’ link above the title of a preprint, enter your email address, and choose which events you'd like to be notified about. You’ll then receive an email (one per day) when any of these events occur.

You can edit the list of preprints you are following at any time by going to the Alerts/RSS page. There you’ll find a list of the DOI's of all the medRxiv preprints you follow.

Mousing over a DOI reveals the title of the paper. You can then remove it from the list or edit the events you’re being notified about.

Thousands of readers are enjoying this feature on bioRxiv. We hope you will find it equally valuable on medRxiv.