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Conference and seminar videos for preprints

medRxiv  |  2022-03-18

medRxiv enables scientists to share and discover new scientific research and related content. For several years, readers have been able to view content relevant to the preprint (on-site comments and off-site reviews, blog posts and social media engagement) from the preprint page, all accessible from the dashboard launch bar. To expand the array of content that can be viewed alongside medRxiv preprints, a new tab featuring videos related to the preprint has been added to the dashboard. These videos are typically conference talks or seminars by the author that are directly related to the preprint.

To open the video tab, click on the video icon in the launch bar underneath the author list (see screenshot below). The videos can be viewed alongside the preprint but are hosted on openly accessible, robust platforms, such as YouTube or Vimeo. While we await video content on medRxiv, please see this example on bioRxiv here.

Videos can only be uploaded by entities such as conference or seminar organizers, who guarantee the content has been moderated, the talk focuses on the content in the preprint, and the author has consented to the posting of the video content alongside the preprint. Individual authors cannot upload videos directly as a designated account is required, which must be managed by entities that can comply with the above requirements.

If your organization is interested in uploading video content for relevant medRxiv preprints, and you are able to fulfill the above criteria, please contact us at We would be happy to discuss this option further.